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Merchant API Dashboard provides you the capability to accept crypto payments on your websites.

Our Crypto Merchant API requires you have an account. Merchant Dashboard provides you the ability to create such an account and the tools to use it.


  • A valid email is required, you will receive the vendor id there, along with other information like paid invoices, issues with any invoice and sometimes we might bug you with a question.
    (Note, the email can't be changed)
  • a 8 chars password.


  • following your registration, use the same email & password to login. You will be presented with the Merchant Dashboard once you are in.

Merchant Dashboard

The dashboard is composed of a few blocks;

  • Shown before vendor id creation

    • Welcome text
    • Account options
    • Currency rates (USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CHF, CAD, HUF, RON, PLN, RUB, HRK, INR) updated every 5 minutes.
  • Shown after vendor id creation

    • Recent completed payments
    • Total invoices and crypto revenue.

NOTE: Upon creation, all important blocks will present 0 data or be hidden.

Account Options: (What does every option means)

  • Cover Amount: in percentage, is the amount you as a vendor allow us to accept payments that are unpaid up to a certain threshold.
    • Example: If your client has to pay $100 on a invoice and your cover amount setting is set to 1%, then a payment of $99 will be accepted. 1% meaning $1 from the that amount.
  • Email Notification: This feature allows you to enable or disable the email notification function for invoices.
    • Due to security reasons we keep a backlog of 30 days of invoices on our servers, everything else is sent by email.
  • Payments: This feature allows you to set up how fast you will receive the funds from us.
    • Daily (UTC+1)
    • Hourly

All sent payments can suffer changes in arrival due to network congestion.

  • Callback Status: This feature allows you to notice if something is wrong with your website setup. If something is wrong, you will see it on your dashboard
  • Account Fee: This is just to notify you about the percentage you are paying for each invoice.
  • Account issues: This will let you know if you have account issues, again, you will be notified on your dashboard.


Upon account creation this page is empty, a button welcomes you to create an vendor id.
Once you click it, a block of fields appear.

  • Website Name (required, it will be shown on the invoice page.)
  • Website Url (required, it will be shown on the invoice page.)
  • Cover amount (required)
  • Email Notification (required)
  • Crypto currency addresses (at least one is required)

After the account creation ,you will be redirected back to the vendor page, where you will see your vendor id , the relevant info you used to create it and a edit button.

The secret key is shown after creation of the vendorid and sent by email.


Data table is populated once the vendor id is used to create invoices.
Orders status will be as follows;
- Unpaid
- Incomplete (for orders paid but not in full)
- Processing (for incomplete orders that were accepted as such)
- Paid

"Incomplete" orders can be accepted if two conditions are met - at least 1 confirmation on the payment exists
- the payment is at least half paid

Once those conditions are met, a button will appear in the orders info page, to get there, just click the order id.
If you choose to accept incomplete payments you will be required to provide the buyer the service he paid for. will send emails notifying you and the buyer of the status change


You can change your password from here.
Once the password has been changed, all logged in sessions will be logged out, for your safety.